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Novak The Enjoyer

Out Now!  The Black Bells EP by Novak The Enjoyer is an instrumental voyage through the dark valleys of ambience.  Droning textures and brooding sonic landscapes make this small but vast collection a must listen for any cinematic music enthusiast.

Indian Hill

December, 2012

Indian Hill is Kenneth Lee Ray and Novica Bozunovich. Unofficially formed somewhere in early 2000, Kenny and Novica make songs.


July, 2013

In the interest of artistic and creative preservation, one must consider the road less traveled. Unrestricted intuition using tools both unfamiliar and, at times, intimidating. A sculptor with a paint brush. A painter with a chisel. A voyager.


NovakAttack is an excercise that was created to dismantle writers block.


November, 2015

A collection of inspirational songs written for various digital media created by the very talented marketing staff at Onnit Labs.

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