P r o j e c t s

Google/Huffington Post

Opening and closing music composition

Onnit & Joe Rogan (Over 3.5 Million Views)

Music Composition

Rising Sun

Full composition, arrangement, and production

California Or Bust (Short)

Full musical score, sound design, mix & master of all sound and VO.

Onnit Zombie Bell

Full composition, arrangement, and production​​


DIY patchwork american flag inspired by Sara Rahbar 

Blackest Friday Sale (Onnit)

Music Composition/Mixing 

TJ Dillashaw "Belief Is A Powerful Thing"

Full musical composition and production

Grizzly Griptape

Musical Score/Music & SFX Mix 

Brian Cushing "The Road To Recovery"

Full musical composition and sound design

Onnit T+ & Casey Williams

Music composition, mix/master

Onnit & Roger Huerta/Kettle Bells

All music composition and music/VO mix and 


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